Grab a big ol’ Pint of Science tonight! Pint-of-Science-US

orlistat uk Two of my favorite things in one place tonight: science and beer. I feel great things are about to happen.

process Come out to Beer Bistro North tonight for Pint of Science, featuring yours truly along with Dr. Scott Carney of UIUC and Dr. Adam Flynn of Forelight. Should be a good time!

moderate ranitidine price Get all the details here – and don’t worry about the ‘sold out’ thing…the nice folks at Beer Bistro North will still pour you a beer and let you eavesdrop at the back of the bar!

Beer Bottle Explosions

prevacid price That jack-ass frat boy was actually doing a science experiment. Who knew?

my explanation In the greatest “I totally wasted my graduate career researching the wrong thing” moment ever, a group out of Madrid has researched the physics behind the beer volcano that erupts when you tap the top of someone else’s bottle. Allow me to explain:

hop over to this web-site

If you’re curious to know more, the fine folks at NPR had a great story on it, too.

Hooray beer!